Our spaces

Besides the restaurant located in the train carriage, we offer a bar area which can accommodate about 30 people, as well as a heated terrace.

In addition, it is possible to privatize the wagon, day and night.

Finally, around midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings, the train carriage turns into a dance area as in a nightclub!

Our Corsican products

We work with many Corsican producers like the Jardins d’Alesani, the Mattei distillery and the Pietra brewery, as well as the Orezza and Saint-Georges waters, the Pierucci and Ottavi cheesemakers, the Moracchini delicatessen, and many others.

We are also very close to a lot of Corsican winegrowers, which translates into more than 40 references on the menu and rotating suggestions in order to present you a broad spectrum of corsican production.

You can consult and discover all our Corsican products, for sale, on the grocery page.

The Wagon Bleu history

In the 1950s, the place, a simple bar, was managed by Corsican people. One day, they decided to restore an Orient-Express train carriage manufactured in 1925, which was supposed to be destroyed. This train carriage was placed on their petanque ground and became a restaurant room.

Rehabilitated in 1965 for the film industry, the Wagon Bleu enabled the production of many scenes from famous movies, including La Grande Vadrouille.